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Foshan HaiRan Waterjet tekinolaji co., Ltd

Foshan HaiRan waterjet tekinoloji., Ltd Specializing ena gauna ni veiqaravi kei na manufacture ni ni ni Unltra e a sega kina na misini ni Tabaivola kei na waterjet e levu sara na ka e tu ena kena ivakarau,me vakarautaka na kena ivakarau vinaka duadua kei na veiqaravi vei ira na kasitama kei na marke. Me tekivu mai na tauyavutaki ni kabani, na iyaya ni kabani e sega walega ni liutaki ena noda ni volivoli ia e dewa talega ki na vuqa na matanitu kei na veivanua. Ena veiyabaki sa oti, sa tekivu me veitaratara na kabani oqo ki na iyaya ni sasamaki kaukauwa, waterjet misini veikauyaki,na kena motoka loma ABB kei na lomanibai tale eso, ka cakava e dua na veivakatorocaketaki levu cake ka lade ki liu ena sasaga kei na vinaka ni iyaya ni kabani. na iyaya kece sara e sa throgh na ivakarau ni vakadidike. eda kaya na noda ivoli me yaco me nomu digidigi nuitaki duadua.

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  • With the efforts of all the employees of the company, we have produced a new accessory for KMT H20, which is a nozzle body, the material uses natural diamond chips imported from the United States, double-entry sand tungsten steel sand guide tube, nozzle and orifice are integrally processed to ensure absolute concentricity, and the service life of imported natural diamonds can reach 500-900 hours under normal conditions. By the way, the following are our main products, such as Turbo Generator Assembly, Intensifier, Attenuator Assembly, Complete Water-only Cutting Head, High-pressure Cylinder, Dynamic Seal Assembly Repair Kit, 87k sealing Seat, direct drive pump parts, Cutter Head Set for Flow,P4 Cutting Head for Flow, High-pressure Seal Group and so on. If you need…
  • [video width="640" height="368" mp4="https://www.hairanwaterjet.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/1596707926-video.mp4"][/video] Foshan Hairan Machinery And Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with rich experience in the production of waterjet parts. We specialize in the manufacturing and the research of ultra-high pressure waterjet equipment and high-quality accessories. Through the continuous efforts of various departments and the company’s Development, we got another relocation. This means a better start. The morning of August 1st is the day when we move. Is a very festive day.Since the establishment of the company, our products have not only led domestic sales but also have a good market and influence abroad. Ena veiyabaki sa oti, it has opened up contacts in different fields such as high-pressure cleaning equipment, portable waterjets, and automotive interior ABB cutting.…