Waterjet Abrasive Nozzles for Cutting Machine Waterjet Mixing Nozzle

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Waterjet Abrasive Nozzles for Cutting Machine Waterjet Mixing Nozzle

9.45*1.02*76.20 9.45*0.76*76.20

9.45*1.02*101.6 9.45*0.76*101.6

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Foshan HaiRan Machinery And Equipment Co., Our factory is located in Foshan,very close to Guangzhou.We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the development, production, selling and servicing all kinds of customized waterjet parts, including Intersifier Accumulator cutting head nozzles orifices etc. We have professional engineer support, skillful workers, high efficiency sales team and competitive price superiority to meet your requirements.

name Mixing Chamber Application Waterjet na ulu ni kau
Ituvaki New Place Of Origin Guangdong, Jaina
Brand Name NI HR Veika me volitaki ena uto High Quality
Kaukauwa 220/380/415V Kaukauwa Rated 30KW/37KW
Used For For Water Jet Cutter Head Bibi (KILO) 0.3KILO
MOQ One Pc Sausaumi T/T,L/C Paypal,Duavata ni kadi ni dinau
Shipping Time: 2-4days If Stock Available Ni iyaya Export Standard Packaging
Kauti DHL FedEx UPS,TNT ,According Customers’ Requirement Volau ni nona FOshan,Welcome To Visit Our Factory

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