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Foshan HaiRan Waterjet Technology Co.,Ltd

Foshan HaiRan waterjet technology Co.,Ltd Specializing in the production and manufacture of Unltra-High Pressure Waterjet cutting machine parts and the reseach of high quality spare parts.with the sales of high pressure waterjet spare parts as core,to provide the best quality parts and services for customers and the marke. מאז הקמת החברה, the company's products are not only leading in the domestic sales but also exported to many countries and regions. בשנים האחרונות, החברה החלה ליצור קשר עם ציוד ניקוי בלחץ גבוה, portable waterjet cutting machine,the cutting of automotive interior ABB and other different fields, and made a higher improvement and leap-forward in the pursuit and quality of the company's products.every product our company has gone throgh a professional quality inspection process. אנו מתעקשים שהמוצרים שלנו יהפכו לבחירה הכי אמינה שלך.

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  • With the efforts of all the employees of the company, we have produced a new accessory for KMT H20, which is a nozzle body, the material uses natural diamond chips imported from the United States, double-entry sand tungsten steel sand guide tube, nozzle and orifice are integrally processed to ensure absolute concentricity, and the service life of imported natural diamonds can reach 500-900 hours under normal conditions. By the way, the following are our main products, such as Turbo Generator Assembly, Intensifier, Attenuator Assembly, Complete Water-only Cutting Head, צילינדר בלחץ גבוה, ערכת תיקון הרכבה אטמית דינמית, 87k sealing Seat, direct drive pump parts, Cutter Head Set for Flow,P4 Cutting Head for Flow, High-pressure Seal Group and so on. If you need…
  • [video width="640" height="368" mp4="https://www.hairanwaterjet.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/1596707926-video.mp4"][/video] Foshan Hairan Machinery And Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with rich experience in the production of waterjet parts. We specialize in the manufacturing and the research of ultra-high pressure waterjet equipment and high-quality accessories. Through the continuous efforts of various departments and the company’s Development, we got another relocation. This means a better start. The morning of August 1st is the day when we move. Is a very festive day.Since the establishment of the company, our products have not only led domestic sales but also have a good market and influence abroad. בשנים האחרונות, it has opened up contacts in different fields such as high-pressure cleaning equipment, portable waterjets, and automotive interior ABB cutting.…
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