• The History of Waterjet

    Due to its wide application and simple operation procedure, waterjet cutting has become the fastest developing main machine tool processing technology in the world. In 1950, Dr. Norman Franz was the first person to study ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting, and has been recognized as the father of waterjet. In 1979, Dr. Mohamed hashish began to study sanding waterjet in flow…
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  • Vízsugaras gép

    Vízvágás, más néven vízsugár, egy nagynyomású vízsugaras vágási technológia, amely nagynyomású vízsugaras vágást alkalmazó gép. A számítógép irányítása alatt, a munkadarab önkényesen faragható, és kevéssé befolyásolja az anyag textúrája. A vízsugaras vágási folyamat nagy stabilitása miatt, the cut of the…
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  • What Aspects Need To Be Paid Attention To When Using Waterjet?

    Waterjet is a device often used in the cutting process. After using the waterjet, the simple operation can achieve the ideal cutting effect. However, the prerequisite is to follow strict operating procedures. In order to further improve the service life of the sand nozzle in the waterjet, it is necessary to ensure the seal. As long as you use both…
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  • Professional Waterjet Accessories Supplier

    Waterjet applications are becoming more and more widespread. As the most costly part of the daily use of the waterjet is the waterjet accessories. The following is how to choose waterjet accessories for you. First we have to choose some reputable manufacturers. We know the quality of waterjet accessories, which directly determines the service life and efficiency of our machines.…
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