Mini On/Off Valve Maintenance Kit HR711484-1 for Waterjet Cutting Head


The repair kit installed on the cutter head contains O ring, seal,insert etc.Using ultra-high pressure water jet technology to ensure the stability of the product.



Mini On/Off Valve Maintenance Kit HR711484-1 for Waterjet Cutting Head


商品名: Mini On/Off Valve Maintenance Kit
原産地: 仏山,中国
状態: 新しい
ブランド名: Hairan
電圧: 220V / 380V
定格出力: 37KW
重量 (KG): 0.10kg
寸法(L * W * H): 標準
Code: HR711484-1
応用: ウォータージェットカッティングヘッド
Control system: CNC Controller
MOQ: One pec

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Hairan waterjet cutting technology Co., Ltd. After years of unremitting efforts, 会社はますます専門的になっています. It`s a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of ultra-high pressure waterjet spare parts. We are an excellent supplier of Dardi Waterjet and APW Waterjef. And we become the substitute processing of waterjet such as flow and KMT.

会社設立以来, we have been researching and developing product material and product deep processing technology, so that the product has been well optimized. And sales have risen steadily, and it is becoming an excellent component manufacturer in the waterjet industry. Foshan Hairan is based on the concept of quanlity, customer foremost, and never give up. Create high-quality ultra-high pressure products to welcome sincere cooperation with every customer at home and abroad.


What is CNC waterjet

1.The CNC waterjet is a plane cutting machine tool that combines an ultra-high pressure water jet generator and a two-dimensional CNC machining platform.

2.It raises the pressure of the water flow to a high enough level (above 200MPa), so that the water flow has great kinetic energy, which can penetrate chemical fiber, 木材, レザー, ゴム, etc.,

3.Mixing a certain proportion of abrasive in the high-speed water flow can penetrate almost all Hard materials such as ceramics, 結石, ガラス, metals, alloys, 等. Under the guidance of the two-dimensional CNC machining platform, start or end processing at any position of the material, and move at an appropriate speed according to the set trajectory to realize the plane cutting of any graphics


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1.Q: あなたの事業範囲についての情報を頂けますか?
あ: ウォータージェット研磨ノズルなど、あらゆる主要ブランドのウォータージェット部品の販売を提供しています, ウォータージェットオリフィス, ウォータージェットアキュムレーター, ウォータージェットインテンシファイア, 等.

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